Plenty can happen in a year. Some in the projects we have built, others related to our core services. We welcome GreyOwl friends to join us in our mission in bringing ideas to life and changing the world dig by dig!! In the meantime, here's whats new...


Supported and organized by GreyOwl in partnership with VITAL VOICES - USA

Event: 17th November 2013

Venue: The Arboretum

What was special - it was our first and perhaps the first in Kenya!

On a chilly wet morning the walk took place at the National Aboretum. Despite the drizzle a turnout of mentors beyond what was expected showed up, ready to be a source of guidance. Gracing our event was then Presidential Candidate and former Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Martha Karua. A well defined woman with the warmth and readiness to share her life and learnings. 


It was a beautiful day, and the big message... Encore! We will be taking this forward so hold on to your seat!

FORTUNE 500 Mentoring Program​

US State Government/Fortune Mentorship Program

April - May 2012

"She can't stop talking about it!" is perhaps what one of us might say about our CEO. Continual sharing of her experience and the possibilities is something we've heard in plenty, but its not fair to complain as a benefactor; its learning by proxy from the biggest firms in the world. With premium access to decision-makers in Facebook, USA Today, Oprah Network, Microsoft, Google she gathered learnings that we all share in the GreyOwl nest. Courtesy of her mentor, Global CEO of UM - Jacki Kelley.

So this trip, worked for us all. It was about possibilities and about confidence in the ideas. 

The biggest learning. 'Save aside perfection; start your 'idea' then commit to continuous improvement.


SOMALILAND, here we come!

Project Travel Diary

Admittedly we do not know our continent the way we should. Somaliland was a place that opened our eyes beyond our perceptions. Traveling for one of our clients, we discovered an exciting country* that was safe, stable and ready for economic investment. The country has 1 major bustling city - Hargeisa with 1 million people. The territory is rich with historical sites dating as far back as 1400AD. Economically, the country exports 3 million Camels on their heads to its key trading partners. 

In all we went we saw, we learnt and we did. This will most certainly not be our last interaction with the territory.



Somaliland functions as an independent state to Somalia but remains unrecognized legally . With its own president, currency, justice system; the area is globally viewed as part of the Republic of Somalia


AMBIENTE - 10sec to see 4,000 stores

The largest global fair in homeware and lifestyle products happens every February in Frankfurt, Germany. Aptly named Ambient, the fair brings together over 4,000 manufacturers and designers of homeware and lifestyle objects lined up on floors at the Messe Frankfurt with stands spreading out as far as bus-rides away. 

February 2011 marked our first presentation of a range of homeware products to potential global traders, 

department store chains and more.  


Our collection put together soap stone and wood. We were proud of potential buyers responses, receiving favour, especially because of unexpected combination of stone and wood. What a rush, what work, what satisfaction! 


The dreams for the day, 2 later are now becoming a reality.

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